Like many entrepreneurs, Hayet has refused to let obstacles deter her. Instead, these challenges helped to prepare and motivate her to build her empire.

She openly discusses the highs and lows she’s experienced in her mental health, particularly as she’s learned to manage her depression. This journey of self-discovery is manifested throughout her collections.

With a full-time job, she tirelessly pursued her dream of launching KHOI because she believed there was no perfect timing to take this chance on herself. After earning a double major in Art and Communications, Hayet has worked in advertising for the last 15 years. Along her path to entrepreneurship, she taught herself to design logos, websites and blogs and explored retail and brand strategy. She views KHOI as a culmination of her “false starts” into a distinctive brand.

Hayet believes in giving back to her home country by creating opportunities for entrepreneurs in Ghana. She sees tremendous potential in the local talent there, which is why all of KHOI’s marketing campaigns are shot by local Ghanaian creative teams.