While we are able to provide accurate weights and measurements of our pieces, the wearability of our statement pieces is subject to many variations eg. the size of an earlobe, the placement of your piercing, your experience with larger earrings etc.

Please review weight, size and our return policy information carefully ahead of purchase.



Our earrings are broken down into FOUR categories to help estimate weight/wear:


These are items weighing 10g or less. Similar to a pair of simple stud earrings.

Lightweight  /  4+ hours or longer*

These are pieces weighing 20g or less per earring. They are bolder in size, but can be comfortably worn.

Midweight  /  2-4 hours*

These are pieces weighing between 20g and 25g per earring. They are our signature bold pieces that can be worn for shorter periods of time.

Heavyweight  /  1-2 hours*

These are pieces weighing 25g - 35g per earring. They are more solid in structure and designed for statement looks and shorter wear.

*wear time is based on customer feedback.



Our necklaces and chokers utilize industry standard measurements for our regular sizing products. We do offer extended sizing in some necklaces and chokers.

Regular size – 100 x 90 x 78mm.
Extended size – 125 x 130 x 80mm.

Please note that structured chokers are more solid in nature and may be impacted by the circumference of your neck.



Our bangles follow industry sizing standards for regular and extended bangle sizes. Please note that while your wrists may be a specific size, the wearability of our closed shape bangles depend on the size of your palm/hand.

Standard bangle size opening – 62mm diameter.
Extended bangle size opening – 65 - 68mm diameter.

Please refer to exact bangle measurements on each page.