Many people have journals, but for years my sketchbook has been my most intimate creative space. I often shy away when people ask for the stories behind the pieces…part imposter syndrome and part creative vulnerability. As I grow in this brand, I invite you to grow with me and welcome you into my creative process.

Within these pages, you will find the inspirations behind the styles, techniques and creative mediums that are constructed within every piece. 

I often joke that everytime you see a spiral piece in a collection, you know that I am in a creative spin. The bold spirals are a symbol of the coming and going of ideas, my willingness to evolve, and now a bold staple that KHOI has come to be known for.

The cage technique was born out of insecurity. I often spend time locking my creativity up and convincing myself that my ideas will never find a home. The use of cage is a celebration of what fear looks like when you take away its power.

Like many wood structures in this world, the technique is a celebration of individuality and the rawness as individuality. Wood pieces are special because no two are the same and each tells its own story.

The Rafia medium signals a major creative departure for KHOI. I always anchored pieces in Brass with gold, but surrendered to the creative hunger to explore a softer, lighter, and airier side for the brand.The pieces are an ode to vacation vibes and long sunset walks in Tulum.

As a woman who spent most of her life shying away from seeing herself, the use of acrylic is an ode to the mirrors that I learned to love. Often mixing with wood and brass, these combinations speak to my constant discovery of identity.

Pearls have always been a signifier of celebration for me. I often gift pearls to my friends and family on special occasions and for myself. I use them as a signifier of celebration coupled with femininity. 

Growing up in Ghana, beads were always a key piece of tradition. The meticulous design, the handiwork and the patience to create beads from glass has been a tradition I long studied. The use of beading is a key lesson in patience, and a celebration of things that take time.

On the journey to explore new and innovative ways to express my creativity, I started to look at birds and how they meticulously wove their nests out of straw, grass and even sticks. I coined this technique golden grass and it continues to be one of my favorites. The craftsmanship to achieve this is insane and requires a very select group of artisans hand wrapping a base structure.